Evils are not born,they are made!(1 min)

Just like the rain from the sky makes the flower bloom,the volcano releases lava to turn them to ash.As we meet different people with different characteristics and behaviour,and the biggest mistake you do is that learning their attitude and forgetting yourself who you are.

Many of the things you can’t learn of your own yet the world teach you those.And the bad one you chose to live the good one you forget.Living the evil life makes you happy but you are destroying yourself hiding your true living behind the evilness.

Those desire,greed,selfish,jealous,lies are the things you learn from the evil people.Desire you may have your own but not too much,because the world belongs to everyone who lives and their future.

If your true mind makes you think how evil you are,the mistakes you realise makes you feel the pain to forget those evilness,and to forget those evil people,start a fresh true life.Live for true happiness and sacrifice the happiness to the surrounding people and the future.


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