Love and Breakup in teenage! true or infatuation?(1 min)

Teenage life is the most joyous wondering period we all enjoy.It is the little responsibility age because we will be learning everything.Nowadays it is common in this age many teenagers fall in love.We will be seeing everywhere in films,magazines,internet,books…etc about love for which it will be interesting to know.

But falling in love in teenage,many says it is an infatuation.Because for people it happens in this age,we should take responsibility and focus on our aim.But every love of teenagers is not an infatuation.

True love has no obession with beauty,it is not the desire of want,it is the feelings to care…..and for happiness to sacrifice for one another.But teenage is not the age of love,even when the love may be true,but at this age we should take responsibility…..there will be age when we should love.We should focus on our goal,since it will take to reach the victory.

Life is so short of time,and the good time is very rare,if we use it in a good way we will definitely succeed in our life.For those who had breakup in teenage,donot care at all,because you still have such  time to have a desired aim and take responsibility,you should have to forget for those who donot care for your love.But one day you will win,your sadness disappears like a moving cloud gets dark and rains for you,,,,,,,will enjoy a fresh life…..and you will get your true soulmate!

Even Iam a teen….I just wanted you guys to know at what it is true…!and I just wanted those broken hearts to be happy with their new fresh life….and this is not the end!!!


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